The college has formally constituted an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a post accreditation quality sustanance measure as per revised guidelines of the NAAC. The objective of this cell is to maintain quality of the Higher Education in the College. Through this cell constant vigil is maintained on the activities, performances of the students right from the date of his/her admission to the college till the completion of the studies.
Grievances Redressal Cell (GRC)

The Grievances Redressal Cell of the College comprises of Principal, Vice-Principal and any three senior Heads of Departments selected by the Principal to look into the matters of grievances and discipline related to students and staff of the college. The grievances & complaints are to be put in the complaint box. The Cell considers some activities of the students as major offences and they are as follows:

1. Irregularities in attending classes.
2. Restoring to violence within the college campus.
3. Damage to the college properties.
4. Disrupting the congenial academic atmosphere of the college.
5. The students are not allowed to circulate any notice and conduct any meeting without the prior approval of the principal of the college.

Examination Committee

The examination committee of the college is responsible to conduct both the internal examinations including the Unit Test, Terminal Examination and the Test Examination of the college and also the external examinations conducted by the Council and the University.

Annual Reports
Annual Report 2013- 14


SSR : Self Study Report (Cycle 2)
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